Common Causes of Roof Leaks

We are experiencing some wet and windy weather lately and thought it might be useful for you to know what the most common causes of roof leaks are. If you have had some problems of late, or are worried that you may have some issues please call us for a free no obligation roof assessment
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broken tile
Broken roof tiles
Roof tiles do not break by themselves, the most common reason for tiles breaking are as follows:

i) Previous work done on the roof by a tradesperson who didn’t replace a tile he broke while working up there.
ii) Branches from overhanging trees dropping on the roof.
iii) Children sometimes throw various objects on the roof which could lead to a tile being broken
iiii) In windy weather a ridgecap which is not secured can blow off onto another part of the roof and break tiles

Ridge capping
The bedding and pointing over time gradually deteriorates, signs to look for are cracked pointing – water can make ingress through any cracks and potentially cause leaks

A common entry point for water can be an incorrectly installed flashings these are usually at the ends of roof or where an extension has been added, where your roof meets a vertical wall or where you have flues coming out from your roof. Also look for tears in flashings which obviously are an entry point for water.

blocked valley
Are the point where 2 sections of roof meet at the internal corner there is V shaped internal gutter that sits at this point. On older homes these are made of galv and after 20+ years start to rust. They also can block up with leaves also causing roof leaks

Leaks can occur around skylights due to faulty installation or leaf & debris build up around the skylight. Skylights do not have the same lifespan as the roof itself so will deteriorate and eventually need replacing when old and rusty.

Can cause leaks if they are blocked with leaves and debris, water then builds up in the gutter and flow back into the eaves also premature rusting of gutters can occur if they are blocked