Gutter Guard

Gutter protection plays an important role of your water management system. Rainwater collected from your roof collects in your gutters, which in turn falls to the nearest downpipe into your stormwater or rainwater tanks.To ensure the water collected can run freely its vital that your gutters are free from debris this includes leaves from overhanging neighbouring trees and any other debris that have fallen on the roof that will end up in the gutter. If left unchecked debris and leaves will build up in the gutter eventually blocking the gutter and downpipe. This in turn will stop the flow of water which can then lead to water spilling back over the gutter line which may cause costly repairs due to flooding.


There are a number of gutter guards on the market and some are far more effective than others. The most effective Gutter Guard we have found is an aluminium mesh which extends beyond the roof line to the outer edge of the gutter which allows leaves to be blown away by normal wind action from the mesh to the ground. A good Leaf Guard is designed to stop leaves and debris from entering the gutters while allowing water to get through which is ideal for water tank collection


Light weight (320g M2). Our patented double folded selvedge maintains a taut and uniform appearance and importantly prevents the strands from fraying at tension points as is common problem with other woven mesh.Manufactured from aluminium strand., Superior Also Nobel Powder coated finish. Compatible with all colorbond roofing and guttering. Drink water safe.

The woven mesh has a (2.0mm) aperture.
Designed to meet the Australian Standards (AS 3959-2009/AMDT 2011) for “EMBER ATTACK” in bushfire prone areas where council require all openings of 3mm+be screened with a non-combustible material with a maximum aperture of 2mm.

Extensive testing has shown the woven 2mm aperture capable of accepting heavy rainfall without “sheeting” on an average pitch roof.
This fine mesh provides optimum screening preventing fine debris from entering the gutter system. The open mesh design allows for simple ”see-through” inspection and is virtually undetectable on the roof.

Our Gutter Guard is also an effective barrier to stop vermin like birds nesting in your roof as well as possums and rats getting into your roof via the gutterline as they cannot chew through our aluminium guard.

9 Colorbond colours available: Night sky / Woodland Grey / Shale Grey / Manor Red / Jasper / Paperbark / Pale Eucalypt / Ironstone / Headland Red


Manufactured from continuous expanded aluminium coil.
Superior Akso Nobel Powder coated finish.
Compatible with all colorbond roofing and guttering.
Drink water safe.
Light weight (500g M2). Our patented raised surface design significantly improves strength and diagonal tear resistance.
This added durability allows for a minimal mesh strand thickness of (0.7mm) which substantially increases the open area, ensuring optimum water collection and a less visible appearance on the roof.
The hexagonal (3.5mm) aperture accommodates heavy rainfall and resists “sheeting” whilst excluding fine debris.
The open mesh design allows for simple “ see-through” inspection of gutters.
Colours available: 23 Colorbond matching colours
This product has a 15 YEAR WARRANTY it will not rust or burn and meets the Australian standards for gutter guard bushfire attack levels as detailed in the 2011 amendment (AS 3959-2009/AMDT 2001) required by councils in bushfire prone areas.

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Benefits of our Gutter Guard Services

  • Keeps majority of debris out and ensures water gets captured
  • Saves you having to get on a ladder to clean your gutters
  • Screens out birds and pests
  • Improves quality of tankwater
  • Extends life of your gutters and downpipes
  • Reduces bushfire hazards
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Available in Colorbond range
  • CSIRO Tested