Roof Restoration

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Reliance and Dulux has you covered for Professional Roof Restoration. Reliance have partnered with Dulux as they are the largest and most trusted coatings supplier in Australia, Dulux provides a complete Roof Restoration System. The professionally applied Roof Membrane Next Generation System is designed to restore and protect your roof whilst improving the appearance of your home. A further option is the addition of InfraCool technology to reflect the Sun’s rays before they’re absorbed as heat, keeping your roof cooler which will contribute to lower energy costs.

Contact Reliance to organise a free on site assessment where a thorough inspection of your roof will be undertaken. If you’ve had roof leaks in the past we will will be looking at areas on where water could be entering. Such as broken/chipped tiles, build up of dirt/moss blocking water channnel, loose ridge caps/cracked pointing and tears in flashings around chimney or flues.

Part of the roof restoration process aims to identify roof leaks and eliminate where water is getting into your roof. The next stage is to clean the roof, spray anti fungal treatment. a primer is applied along with 2 coats of the Dulux Acratex Next Generation Roof Membrane. This in effect provides a roof seal.

There are a number of benefits to having your roof restored. These include:

Eliminate roof leaks.
Extend the life of your roof with this high build barrier protection
Applied by a Dulux AcraTex Registered Roofing Professional.
All work supervised by Licensed Builder
High Build Membrane Barrier Protection improves the look of your roof
Can add dollars to the value of your home.
A 10 year Warranty is issued on product performance. .

The Roof Restoration Process

  • Broken tiles replaced
  • Roof is high pressure cleaned in order to remove all dirt, moss and lichen
  • Where required ridge capping is rebedded
  • Ridge capping is repointed using a flexible pointing mortar
  • Anti-mould treatment is applied in order to destroy any mould spores left behind
  • Primer/sealer is applied to ensure good adhesion for roofing membrane
  • 2 coats of Dulux 962 roof membrane is applied

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Watch the roof restoration process on the video below: